Copyright and Usage Rights

All wallpapers supported by Color Desker are copyright by the original authors of those pictures, when you try to set any photo as wallpaper using Color Desker, you are downloading the content from InterfaceLift website, Color Desker website is just using the preview images from InterfaceLift website (as permitted by their Terms of Service). Color Desker does not store any photos or wallpapers on their server. The only benefit Color Desker application provides is automatic delivery of new Wallpapers & automatic detection of screen resolution to bring the best suited wallpaper (avoiding tedious task of downloading the wallpaper manually from above mentioned website). If you have any concern or questions, please write us, we will try our best to address your concern.

The wallpapers, are licensed only for personal use on computers, cellular phones, and other personal electronic devices. All other uses (whether or not for profit) including redistribution (with or without modification of the original work) is strictly prohibited by law without additional written permission by the copyright holder.