Color Desker New Release : v2.1.516.1808

Changes / Bug Fixes in this release..

  • All Wallpapers view (From View Menu) has been replaced with intelligent algorithm that presents ~40 wallpapers according to your taste.
  • Feedback dialog used to feel like hung sometimes when transferring the feedback, this has been taken care of.
  • Sometimes if connectivity is lost while downloading the wallpaper, full wallpaper is not downloaded (some part is either black or white), We have added a new menu item in the context menu called, “Download this wallpaper again”, use that to repair such broken downloads, Right click on wallpaper thumbnail to get this option.
  • Startup time has been optimized. You will see significant improvement in the time it takes to show the window. We have re-arranged what happens during start up.
  • Status window that shows Wallpaper download progress now contains Close button (in case if you want to get rid of status dialog). Even if you close status dialog, download process will still go on in the background. Also, status window will only appear when Wallpaper download is initiated by user. When Color Desker downloads the wallpapers itself, status window will not be shown (This is done to improve the speed perception and not disturb the user).
  • Now, Color Desker user can send Color Desker to a friend!
  • Status Bar now shows Total number of Wallpaper Rotations Color Desker has performed on your machine (you’ll be surprised to see this number if you have been using Color Desker for a while)!

If you have already installed Color Desker, it will be upgraded next time you restart the application. If you have not installed it yet, Download Color Desker..

Color Desker New Release : v2.1.511.1238

Changes / Bug Fixes in this release..

  • Server side code optimization that should improve client performance when getting new wallpapers (reducing the amount of data by half it has to download during refresh).
  • Code that derives Popular Wallpaper is re-written, now generates better list, in real-time. If you want to go with the flow, activate “Popular Wallpapers” from view menu, you’ll always see trending wallpapers!
  • Addition of Scheduler menu, which makes automatic rotation settings more visible.
  • Color Desker screensaver system-wide hotkey is changed from Ctrl + Shift + S to Ctrl + Shift + C (because Ctrl+Shift+S is used for Save As by many applications).
  • Minor performance improvement for Least used view!
  • Bug fix which affected some users outside United States with Date parsing exception.

If you have already installed Color Desker, just restart Color Desker application to get updated version!

Color Desker New Release : v2.1.503.2055

Changes / Bug Fixes in this release..

  • Significant improvement in memory usage of the application. We gave another look at almost every single line of code for the application, removing/optimizing as necessary. Results are fantabulous! Application should not take more than 5 MB of memory. When you minimize or application stays idle, memory usage should even be lesser (around 1 MB).
  • Major performance improvement when a wallpaper is rated as Loved/Hated (almost instantaneous now), also the symbols that Color Desker shows for them are no more Junk character.
  • Feedback link now aligns to right side of the window (Even when you resize the window).
  • Startup time by Color Desker should be slightly improved.
  • When manual refresh is done, Color Desker properly sorts the available wallpaper by release date (So, latest wallpaper comes on top).
  • Color Desker will always show total number of wallpapers in status bar (something like 40/325 – which means 40 wallpapers are presented in view state, out of total 325 available in store).
  • Author name in the status bar is now a hyperlink taking you to page on Color Desker website where you can find more information.
  • Fixed a bug where Color Desker was not setting your preferences for Automatic Change and View State properly.
  • Fixed a bug where download progress statusbar was coming on top of all other windows.

If you have already installed Color Desker, Next time when you run Color Desker, it should ask you to upgrade, if not, Download Color Desker.. If upgrade fails, try running Color Desker as Administrator (Sometimes UAC enabled machines face issues). In order to run as administrator, right click on Color Desker shortcut from start menu and select “Run as Administrator”. You need to run as administrator only when it upgrades the software. Other times, running as normal user is totally fine.