New Wallpaper : Cold Morning

Cold Morning
By : xys
Added on : Feb 25, 2013

Captured from the “Alpergensee” at around 2,510m altitude in Switzerland last August. The weather had not been that good in the evening and quite unstable during the night but the morning compensated for it all. I nearly overslept and missed the sunrise. Luckily I caught a glimpse of it when I woke up for a moment at around 6 AM and was ready to go within a second :)

Camera Raw, Photoshop, Cokin Filters.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A700.

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New Wallpaper : Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula
By : Chris
Added on : Feb 22, 2013

ESO’s VLT reveals the Carina Nebula’s hidden secrets.

This broad panorama of the Carina Nebula, a region of massive star formation in the southern skies, was taken in infrared light using the HAWK-I camera on ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Many previously hidden features, scattered across a spectacular celestial landscape of gas, dust and young stars, have emerged.

Credit: ESO/T. Preibisch

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